Scandinavia’s most trusted provider of authenticated vintage and pre-owned luxury goods

The Company

THEBROWNPAPERBAG.NET is Scandinavia’s largest provider of vintage luxury goods from Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermès. A Scandinavian company; THEBROWNPAPERBAG has a deep-rooted culture of quality, design and service.

With our award winning team of luxury experts, we offer classic and contemporary models of handbags and accessories from three of the worlds most celebrated fashion houses. Since its launch, THEBROWNPAPERBAG has successfully established itself as trusted source for authenticated luxury, with unrivalled customer service and consistent five star reviews.

THEBROWNPAPERBAG.NET features a rich and diverse content of guides, classic model profiles, high-res images, how to videos and of course; beautiful bags and accessories.

Company Information:
Company number 556984-0498
Registered in Sweden

“We wanted to create a space where you could find the right pieces, at the right prices – without ever having to worry about authenticity or condition. We have extensive experience working with luxury hospitality and high-end fashion, so we know that in order to sell the best goods, you have to offer the best services too”.

Managing Director,  Ulrik Rosenvinge-Thürmer

History & Philosophy

Authenticity, Service and Sustainability. Based on these three core principles; THEBROWNPAPERBAG offers high quality pre-owned luxury. Creating a new standard for vintage, we have continually relied on our deep-rooted expertise of 5-star hospitality and master craftsmanship to build a brand that embodies trust.

With the opening of our exclusive two-storey Copenhagen showroom in the Summer of 2015; THEBROWNPAPERBAG now hosts private viewings and exclusive events for discerning clients and friends of the house.


Each of our items have been authenticated by our award-winning team of luxury experts. Every item is guaranteed authentic by THEBROWNPAPERBAG or a full refund is given. 


Our Client Service team is ready to offer assistance with anything you may need. Available 365 days a year, you can always expect a quick and courteous turnaround.


Vintage and pre-owned shopping is not only a way to create a more personal style. It is also a way to minimise one’s negative impact on the natural environment. 

Brand Conservation

THEBROWNPAPERBAG has ZERO tolerance for fakes and copies. Counterfeiting is a violation of  the work of talented designers, craftsmen and original manufacturers worldwide. Not only is knowingly purchasing a counterfeit bag unethical – it often supports organisations with ties to organised crime and terror. Truly; purchasing a counterfeit comes at a high cost.

We take pride in offering the finest pre-owned luxury products on the market. In our commitment to excellence; we pledge to always offer guaranteed 100% authentic, well treated items that are free from defects and other signs of mistreatment. Each of our items have been authenticated by our team of luxury experts.


From the start of our journey we have been dedicated to improving the health of our planet. By recycling quality products, we minimise a global carbon footprint and honor good craftsmanship. The concept of “fast fashion” is not just unethical; it is upsetting our global ecological balance by depleting the world’s natural resources. Instead we believe that “built to last” is a celebration of our collective past, present and future.

Using organic, recycled materials only – our packaging is consistent with our philosophy of contributing to a sustainable future.


The Founders

With a mutual love for quality luggage and travel; Scandinavian ex-hoteliers, Sandra Rönnlund and Ulrik Rosenvinge-Thürmer founded THEBROWNPAPERBAG in the fall of 2011. Their deep-rooted knowledge of, and expertise within hospitality offered a unique perspective and laid out the blueprint for their ambition to redefine the vintage industry.

Today, THEBROWNPAPERBAG offers Scandinavia’s largest selection of high quality, pre-owned luxury goods from Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermès.