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A genuine handbag from Hermès is a pledge. It is a promise that assures the buyer that they have acquired a piece of quality: Thousands of hours and hard labor have gone into the development, design and manufacturing of each piece. This means that with the right care and attention; a Hermès bag, scarf, or other accessory may last through generations. It goes without saying that it is important to make sure that you purchase an authentic Hermès bag. Authenticity is at the core of THEBROWNPAPERBAG and we want to help you identify real Hermès pieces from fake ones. 
At the pinnacle of equestrian luxury Hermès hand crafts all products, exclusively using master craftsmen to produce the finest leather objects. With an unmatched attention to detail, Hermès items are embossed with their iconic logo, typically in natural, gold or silver.

Using this guide, you will be able to educate yourself on Hermès’ blind stamps.
Hermès has been debossing their leather goods since 1945. Typically, larger items have a combination of a letter and a geometric shape (either a circle or a square). This represents the year it was manufactured. Hermès bags made prior to 1970 will have no shape - just a debossed letter. 
Hermes blind stamps

Real Hermès blind stamps


No Shape



1945 A

1971 A

1997 A

1946 B

1972 B

1998 B

1947 C

1973 C

1999 C

1948 D

1974 D

2000 D

1949 E

1975 E

2001 E

1950 F

1976 F

2002 F

1951 G

1977 G

2003 G

1952 H

1978 H

2004 H

1953 I

1979 I

2005 I

1954 J

1980 J

2006 J

1955 K

1981 K

2007 K

1956 L

1982 L

2008 L

1957 M

1983 M

2009 M

1958 N

1984 N

2010 N

1959 O

1985 O

2011 O

1960 P

1986 P

2012 P

1961 Q

1987 Q

2013 Q

1962 R

1988 R

2014 R

1963 S

1989 S


1964 T

1990 T


1965 U

1991 U


1966 V

1992 V


1967 W

1993 W


1968 X

1994 X


1969 Y

1995 Y


1970 Z

1996 Z


Keep in mind when shopping vintage Hermès

Like our other house brands; outlet, surplus stock and sale doesn’t exist in Hermès vocabulary. New Hermès pieces are only sold in official Hermès boutiques and in high-end department stores whom rent space to Hermès. Because Hermès will discard any item that doesn’t pass inspection, there simply isn’t a secondary market for their items as you would otherwise find for Gucci, Prada, Burberry and the like.

Hermès is expensive. Their bags, accessories and jewelry are all coveted across the globe and because of this, you’ll see more counterfeit examples out on the streets than you will the real deal. Though it is tempting to believe in that once-in-a-lifetime bargain right in front of you – odds are that you’ll be sorry you went through with it. There are few things worse than feeling cheated and helpless! That’s why we encourage customers to consider spending slightly more on their dream piece. So instead of risking buying fake, consider purchasing from our guaranteed authentic offerings. By spending just a bit more, not only will you get the bag or accessory you’ve been dreaming about; you’ll be purchasing ease of mind and even a piece of fashion history. At THEBROWNPAPERBAG.NET we offer lifetime guarantee on authenticity for every product we sell. We assume the responsibility so that you can relax and enjoy the piece you’ve been craving for so long.

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