For decades, Louis Vuitton’s Sac Plat has been a favourite travel essential. Its sleek design and versatile composition speaks “on the go” and adds a sophisticated silhouette to any outfit. Read on to learn about the history of this iconic bag and what to consider when shopping for your vintage LV Sac Plat.

Vintage Louis Vuitton Sac Plat

History Louis Vuitton Sac Plat

Louis Vuitton introduced the Sac Plat in 1968. The late 60’s was a unique time in history; change was in the air, freedom was becoming a human right and it was actually during this  period that the word “design” found its way into French dictionaries.

The Sac Plat is a reflection of its time. It was designed for the urban professional, in need of a bag that could fit most essentials, whether it was important documents or overnight necessities. Its versatility and style made it a popular carryon and it was an instant hit among jetsetting LV aficionados.

Used Louis Vuitton Sac Plat

Design Sac Plat

The genius of the bag lies in its shape. As the name suggests, plat meaning flat in French, its versatile composition and light weight, allows it to be used as a handbag on its own or flattened to fit inside other luggage, ready to be used at your destination.

Crafted from a few pieces of rectangular canvas and two top-handles in Vachetta cowhide leather; the Sac Plat is a minimalist masterpiece. 

Pre-loved Sac Plats are most commonly found in classic Monogram Canvas with light brown Vachetta Leather details. Though versions in more recent materials like Epi leather and Damier Ebene canvas, are becoming increasingly more common to see.

Vintage Louis Vuitton Sac Plat Damier Ebene Canvas

Due to it’s canvas-like appearance; the Sac Plat also lends itself to creative expression. Now famous examples include Takashi Murikami’s Cherry print and Steven Sprouse’s Graffiti print. Celebrated Italian video artist Fabrizio Plessi even turned it into an LCD screen, and American visual artist Robert Wilson, created bright coloured, high-gloss versions in Monogram Vernis Flou.

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Remember when shopping for vintage Louis Vuitton Sac Plat

The Sac Plat’s minimalist design makes it a durable handbag for many occasions and pre-loved Sac Plats keep their shape very well. This translates into a safe investment for LV collectors and design lovers alike.

Unfortunately, when you look for popular Louis Vuitton bags like the Sac Plat, there is always a risk of running into “fakes” or counterfeits. That is why it is important that you shop your pre-owned or vintage Sac Plat from a trusted source with a long history of dealing with and handling vintage luxury LV.

Learn more about authentic Louis Vuitton.

Also, we recommend that you consider pieces that are in Very Good condition or higher. Items that have received these ratings, have generally been stored properly, and are free from significant damage. Ensure that the natural Vachetta leather is in good condition and that the bag is free from unpleasant odours. Watermarks on the leather details are part of the patina and add charm and a more personal appearance; so don’t let that deter you from investing in your dream bag.

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