A striking design, structured shape and an unmatched potential for patina makes a vintage Louis Vuitton Alma a must-have for any collector of vintage LV. Here’s what you need to know when you shop for your very own pre-loved Louis Vuitton Alma.

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History Louis Vuitton Alma

Introduced in 1992, the Alma is a newcomer to LV’s model lineup, compared to classics like the Keepall and Noé. Complete with a bottom to bottom zipper and lock, there are obvious hints to Louis Vuittons long heritage as a travel goods company and malletier.

In fact, the Alma’s lineage can be traced back to the classic the Sac Champs-Elysées from 1955, the Squire Bag of 1934 and even the original Steamer bag from 1901. Even the name Alma lives up to a hallmark feature of Louis Vuitton, combining couture and practicality, and refers to Place d’Alma – a landmark spot in Paris’ high-fashion district.

Design Louis Vuitton Alma

The bag draws inspiration from the Art Deco movement and adds a refined touch to any outfit. But the Alma is not only about aesthetics; Louis Vuitton Alma bags are of exceptionally high quality and if well cared for, you can count on your Alma for decades. The thick full leather bottom, sleek and sturdy cotton interior, bottom to bottom zippered closure, and smooth rounded leather handles; the Alma is a recognised classic and a great candidate for a vintage investment.

Vintage Louis Vuitton Alma

Today, the Alma comes in different sizes, ranging from the very small Petite Nano Alma,over the PM, MM and to the spacious Alma GM. With a size to fit most necessities the most popular in the lineup being the Alma MM size. Despite this though, Louis Vuitton’s recent models: the Alma BB, Mini, and Nano challenge the MM’s first place. Their inclusion of a cross-body shoulder strap, makes these perfect accessories for city escapes.

Vintage Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas Alma BB

In terms of colour, the model leaves little to be desired and you’ll find Alma in a plethora of materials and hues. For second-hand Almas, classic Monogram Canvas is by far the most common. Further, we often see versions in Damier Ebene Canvas, Epi leather, Monogram Vernis, and even excotic leathers like Crocodile.

Like other Louis Vuitton icons, the Alma has been the muse of multiple artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Stephen Sprouse, and Takashi Murakami. All have made their personal interpretations of the Alma.

Black Epi Leather Alma
Louis Vuitton Amarante Alma
Red Vernis Alma BB

Remember when shopping for Louis Vuitton Alma

Unfortunately, when you look for popular Louis Vuitton bags there is always the risk of running into counterfeits or “fakes”. It is therefore important that you shop your vintage Alma from a trusted supplier with a substantial history of dealing with vintage luxury. Here you can learn more about authentic Louis Vuitton

Also consider pieces that are in Very Good condition or better. These have been stored properly, and are generally free from mistreatments. Ensure that the natural Vachetta leather is in good condition and that the bag hasn’t acquired unpleasant odours. Watermarks to the exterior leather are ok and more of a personal taste, so don’t let that deter you from investing in your dream bag.

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