Louis Vuitton Noé is an absolute classic. An all-time favourite among collectors of pre-loved Louis Vuitton and we understand why: The bag is durable, practical, and it acquires a beautiful patina with use. Add a rich history, and you have an excellent candidate for investment. Read on to learn more about the model that everyone is talking about and what to consider when shopping for a second hand Louis Vuitton Noé.

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History of Louis Vuitton Noé

The history of the Noé dates back to 1932 when Gaston Louis Vuitton received a request from a champagne producing acquaintance. The winemaker wanted to offer a bag as a gift to his most devoted customers. He only had three requirements for the bag: it should be as light as the bubbles in his champagne, as elegant as his wine, and provide enough space to fit five bottles. Gaston went to work and from these vague guidelines, the Noé was born. Since then little has changed; a versatile drawstring bag that (still) fits five bottles: four flipped vertically and one standing upright.

The Noe soon became a beloved companion for shorter trips and leisure activities. It could fit an entire picnic and the adjustable shoulder strap made it comfortable for carrying.

Today, as carrying our lives with us has become a necessity, the Noé remains a global favourite. Particularly vintage Noés have become exceedingly popular in fashion capitals everywhere.

Loui Vuitton Noe

Louis Vuitton Noé Designs


The classic model is the most common in the world of vintage Noé bags. It is the largest Noé bag, which makes it a excellent everyday bag.

Size: 26 X 34 X 19 cm


Louis Vuitton introduced the the NeoNoé in 2017 as a modern take on the original. With its sleek square design it brings the heritage of the Noé into the future.

Size: 28 X 36 X 20 cm. 

Petit Noé

As the name implies, the Petit Noé is a smaller version of the original Noé. Its size makes it more youthful and well suited for occasions when you only need your essentials.

Size: 24 X 27 X 18 cm

Noé BB & NeoNoé BB

The prefix “BB” stands for “Baby Bandouliere”, and is commonly used by Louis Vuitton to namegive small versions of their classic bags.

Size: 22 X 24 X 15 cm. 

Nano Noé

In 2015 Louis Vuitton joined the trend of the time and introduced a collection of tiny models. Among them was the Nano Noé, a bag that looks like its bigger siblings but stands out by being significantly smaller. 

Size: 13 X 16 X 10 cm

Louis Vuitton Noe Models Size Comparison

Above: a size comparison of the different Noés sizes. All models fit both over the shoulder and cross-body on average wearers.


Louis Vuitton produces the Noé ina select choice of materials. The most common (and by far the most popular) vintage Noé is made in classic Monogram Canvas with trimmings and bottom part made from Vachetta leather. This version of the bag embodies the timeless beauty of Louis Vuitton. Other popular materials include Epileater, a material known for it’s high quality and sophisticated look. The Epi Noé comes in an array of colours, from subtle ones in black and brown, to more playful versions in red, yellow, and many others.

Louis Vuitton Vintage Noe Bag Thebrownpaperbag
Vintage Louis Vuitton Black Epi Leather Noe Bag
Vintage Red Epi Leather Noe
Caramel Epi Leather Noe

Remember when shopping preloved Noé

As always, make sure you are looking at an authentic Louis Vuitton Noé by shopping from a trusted reseller like THEBROWNPAPERBAG. The Noé is a bag made for use, so when browsing for a vintage Noé, you should pay special attention to the following: wear on pressure areas of the straps, the leather edge-piping around the top of the bag and dryness to the Vachetta leather overall. The drawstring may dry out or in other ways deteriorate; this will happen naturally and the drawstring can easily be replaced. 

Bags in Monogram Canvas will typically acquire patina over the years, adding to their charm, but it is wise to remember that Vachetta leather is subject to stains if not dried off.

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The Noé is one of the most loved vintage handbags out there. Offering functionality and elegance, the Noé is the perfect choice for your everyday necessities as well as longer trips and stays. Find our current selection of vintage Louis Vuitton Noé here.